Jul 012015

Well look at that, it’s the trifecta of episodes, Episode 3!  In this week’s show, the boys discuss equality for all, being a stay at home spouse, a burning pastor, the history of Hitler, taking your girls last name, walking tiny dogs, The Totem Pole Of Love, super pain, “The Lido Approach”, Jurassic World, Pitch Perfect 2, the levels of LOL, which woman should be put on American currency, Pick The Dick, a bad boyfriend, selfie sticks at Disneyland, Disney Social Clubs, Disney Employee Pins, cross dressing at work, Mr. Caitlyn Jenner, a prank call, Stick’Em or Stone’Em, would you intervene in a fight?, a brazen thief, GodVice, a peanut butter life, how to say goodbye, and a whole lot more. Enjoy the show!

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