Jul 292015

Hey Sticky Stoners, welcome in to Ep 7 – When Heroes Fall. In this episode we discuss being molested or murdered, a love for Harrison Ford, women navigators, Hulk Hogan, racism, saying the “n” word, Donald Trump, Lido goes on a rant, benefits of prison life, El Chapo, is the UFC fixed, Pick The Dick –  calling 911 for no good reason verses a pooping cyclist, chipster the hipster, Lido’s Butthole Curse, Public restroom problems, a mystery pooper, a 1st world problem, how to kill time with no internet, Prank Call, Stick’Em or Stone’Em – the husbands of Instagram “models”, Eva Marie, fake instagram accounts,  shark attacks, James has a nightmare, GodVice, and a whole lot more. Enjoy the show!

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