Feb 252016

Welcome in to EP 31 – Can I Get A Scrambled Egg Omelette?  In this episode we discuss Peterson’s trek to purchase the Lego Batcave, how hard it is it to actually put together a Lego set, the strategic placement of extra legos, the aftermath of Peterson’s drunkeness, an awkward Lyft ride, a guy named Lawrence, using the word MY to often, James wants to build a door, James has to hang drywall with a hangover,  James doesn’t like sky lights, Pick The Dick, has Lido become Stuck Up?, James runs into trouble in South Central, Lunch Lady calls in with an important question, shady plumbers, bad customers versus customer service revenge, Stick’em Or Stone’em, bad things chefs do, when you get your molars removed, kidney stones, Godvice, and so much more. Enjoy the show!

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