Oct 052016

Welcome in to Episode 53 – Death Hike. In this episode we discuss what to do when you find drugs, Peterson’s Mexican neighbors, reporting your asshole neighbors to the cops, how people follow along to “fit in”, James goes hiking in Utah, taking pictures of your food, James takes his kids to Magic Mountain, shenanigans on roller coasters, Stick’em Or Stone’em, Lido has trouble in a Target restroom, getting SuperDicked, James finds new love for the movie Signs, clown pandemonium, a celebrity sighting, Lido says goodbye to “The Trap” and his BBBF,  Peterson meets Choco, Peterson gets a migraine that ruins a trip, James almost eats some cheese, James runs late again because McDonalds can’t get him his black coffee fast enough, GodVice, SNS Trivia Time, James tells a joke to a park ranger, and a whole lot more!

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